What happens in therapy?

Entering into therapy can be a worrying experience when you are not sure what to expect. The first step is to read this page which explains more about the process.

Your first contact with me can be made by telephone or by email. This will give us an opportunity to discuss the main difficulties and to decide whether we should complete an assessment together at my practice.
You will not be charged for this initial telephone/email contact.

Psychological Assessment

The ‘psychological assessment’ may take a couple of sessions to ensure we have all the available information to make a decision about whether therapy would be helpful for you. Sessions will usually last for approximately 50 minutes. A broad and thorough assessment is always crucial to developing a better understanding of the difficulties you want to address. The assessment will usually include taking a thorough history of the problem. It is usual at this stage to complete an assessment of risk to yourself or others in order that the therapy process can be a safe place for you.

If, following the assessment, we agree to work together in therapy, an initial number of sessions will be agreed.

Psychological Formulation and Psychological Intervention

The next stage is to work towards a shared, collaborative understanding of the problem you experience. We call this a ‘psychological formulation’ which describes how you got to this point in your life and what/who influenced your journey. It may also include discussing some of your early relationships and how they impacted on your sense of self as you were growing up.

At this point, we can agree on a ‘psychological intervention’ which may include a variety of ways in which you can make changes to how you feel about yourself, your relationships or your situation. The intervention may include some exercises outside of the sessions, e.g. some diary work and reflections on the past. The intervention is aimed at supporting you to think more clearly about your way forward and what you would like to achieve. Any potential interventions will be explained and discussed with you prior to implementation. Your consent will be sought at every stage of the therapy process.

Towards the end of the intervention stage, we will carry out a review and a re-assessment of your difficulties.

Are you thinking about trying some psychological therapy for a difficulty that you experience?

You may have some concerns or worries about this and you may need some support or advice before deciding what to do.

There are 3 different steps you can take to get in touch.

Step 1 to psychology help

Book a telephone consultation

You can book a free 15 minute telephone consultation with me using the online booking form.
This can help us to decide together what would be the most helpful way forward for you.

Step 2 to psychology help

Send an email

You can send me an email with any questions or concerns, or you can text me if this is easier for you.
There will be no pressure for you to make a decision regarding therapy at any time.

Step 3 to psychology help

Arrange a first appointment

This can feel like a big step and you may feel anxious about this.

Please feel assured you will experience a warm welcome to help you feel able to discuss the difficulties, within a safe environment.

Tel: 07846 112755 | Email: [email protected]