Dr Lynne Chatterton

Dr Lynne Chatterton, Clinical Psychologist

I am a Clinical Psychologist and have worked in the NHS for 20 years, the last 14 of these as a qualified Clinical Psychologist.

As a Clinical Psychologist, I offer an integrative approach to psychological therapy that is tailored towards each client’s needs.
Each client is an individual and brings a unique experience of the world and their relationships within it. It requires a knowledge and understanding of a variety of theoretical and therapeutic perspectives in order to deliver the most helpful approach to recovery for each client.

Therapies utilised may include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Compassion Focussed Therapy and Cognitive Analytic Therapy, depending on the prevalent issues.

Are you thinking about trying some psychological therapy for a difficulty that you experience?

You may have some concerns or worries about this and you may need some support or advice before deciding what to do.

There are 3 different steps you can take to get in touch.

Step 1 to psychology help

Book a telephone consultation

You can book a free 15 minute telephone consultation with me using the online booking form.
This can help us to decide together what would be the most helpful way forward for you.

Step 2 to psychology help

Send an email

You can send me an email with any questions or concerns, or you can text me if this is easier for you.
There will be no pressure for you to make a decision regarding therapy at any time.

Step 3 to psychology help

Arrange a first appointment

This can feel like a big step and you may feel anxious about this.

Please feel assured you will experience a warm welcome to help you feel able to discuss the difficulties, within a safe environment.

Tel: 07846 112755 | Email: [email protected]